How Much Should I Weigh For My Height And Age

How much should I weigh for my height and age ? This are different techniques for teenagers and adults of both genders - male and female. BMI chart is the key to finding your ideal weight range. Each time you step on the weight scale, this question comes to the mind. It is pretty important that you know how much you should weigh. This is done using a simple calculation and then reading from a standard BMI chart. Getting to know your ideal weight helps to know how much weight one should gain or lose to come in the Normal Weight range.

Weight depends on Age, Height and Gender. You can calculate your ideal weight using this procedure. This part is for adults only. For teenagers, there is a subtle difference which I will point out below.

First, Calculate Your BMI

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It is a parameter designed to help with the calculation of ideal weight range. BMI can be calculated easily using this formula.

BMI = Weight ( kg) / { Height ( m ) squared }

That is, to calculate your BMI , note your weight in kg. Divide it by the square of the height ( in meters ) and you have your BMI.  

Then, Read from a Standard BMI chart .

A BMI chart is a standard chart of Weight vs Height with BMI marked on it as Bands. The plot shows regions of specific BMI ranges, namely Underweight, Healthy Weight, Overweight and Obese. You can locate your height on this chart. On the horizontal line that corresponds to this Height, you can get many Weight ranges, each corresponding for a particular BMI category. Healthy or Normal range of BMI as stated by WHO is 18.5 to 25. Corresponding to these two values of BMI , you can get two values of weight. This is the Ideal Weight for your Height. This is the Range in which your Weight should lie.

Example : You can get an idea how to do the above steps. Suppose your Height is 1.7 m . Go to the standard BMI chart and you can see a narrow Band for the Normal Range. On the Horizontal Line passing through 1.7 m , the Band intersects at two values - lower Weight = 55 kg and upper Weight = 72 kg. So, if your Height is 1.7 m , then you should weigh between 55 kg and 72 kg.

If you are more comfortable with the Height in Feet and Inches and Weight in Pounds , then also you can use the same Standard BMI chart because it is plotted for these two units also. We mostly measure weight in pounds and height in feet and inches, so you can easily locate ideal weight in pounds for your height using this chart.

How To Find Out How Much Overweight You Are ? Suppose you weight 78 kg at Height = 1.7 m , then the Ideal Weight starts at 72 kg. You are  Overweight by 6 kg. In pounds, this 6 kg is 13.224 Pounds. So, you got to lose about 13.5 lbs to get into the healthy weight for your height.

For People Under 20 Years, there is a different chart of BMI to calculate ideal weight. This is because, teenagers and kids keep growing regularly and their height and weight grow as they age. So, the age factor comes in. Secondly, the BMI chart for kids is different for boys and girls, whereas for adults , there is only one chart for both genders.

How much should I weigh for my height and age for teenagers and kids ? You need to get the BMI chart for your country and state for your gender. In United States of America, these two charts are prepared and published by an organization called CDC. The chart is named CDC Growth Charts. You can look up the chart and read the ideal weight for your age and height.

What is the use of these calculations ?
You get to know what your BMI is. This can give you an estimate of how much overweight or underweight you are. Next, you get to know how much you should weigh for your height and age to be considered healthy. This way, find out the number of pounds you need to lose to get a healthy weight.

Suppose, you need to lose 15 pounds to get a healthy weight for your height. Perform a water weight loss program to see how much weight you lose. You can easily lose 5 pounds by eliminating excess water. Now, you are left with losing 10 pounds. Break it up into smaller goals, adopt a low calorie diet plan and plan a workout regime. Set a goal of time within which you aim to shed these 10 pounds and get on with it. This calculation can prove to be a great motivation for you to lose weight quickly.

Knowing your ideal weight helps one to lose weight correctly. Many times, people may end up losing a lot more pounds than required. This can lead to weakness. You just need to lose that much weight which gets you into the healthy BMI range ( 18.5 to 25 ) .

Here are some examples of ideal body weight as obtained from the chart. The weight values are in pounds ( lbs ) which you can convert to Kilogram ( kg )
The weight values are averaged .

                                  At a Glance
Age Boys (lbs) Girls  (lbs)
2 month 9-14 8-12.5
3 month 10-16 10-14.5
4 month 12-18 11-16
5 month 13-1912-18
6 month 14-21 13-19
7 month 15-22.5 13.5-20
8 month 16-23.5 14.5-21
12 month 19-27 18-25
18 month 21-31 20-29
2 year 30.2 29.2
7 year 59.8 56.9
10 year 84.9 87.9
12 year 110.9 114.3
13 year 118.6 127