Weight Loss Spa : How Does It Work ?

Weight Loss Spa for men and women : how does it work ? There are a lot of weight loss spa available for people. Some weight loss spa are specifically well adapted for women. There are many merits of getting a spa, but it is not clear whether it really helps to lose weight. Most weight loss spa also include wellness programs to enable people to live better.

What is a Spa ? 
A spa is a type of treatment for ailments that is done with water and other fluids. Spa has been in culture since ancient times. In those times, spa were places where natural springs had a mineral combination which could benefit the health. It is believed that anemia used to be cured by drinking a kind of mineral water which was rich in mineral iron. Now, spa can be located at such springs, or such baths can be artificially prepared at a particular place.
In mdern times, a spa has evolved ahead of its definition. Now, spas are much more than bathing treatments. They are much more like wellness centers, where people can go in and learn how to live healthy and happy. Nowadays, even hair salons, massage centers, saunas and public baths can call themselves as spa.
Are their special Spas that work for weight loss ? 
There is no evidence to suggest that herbal baths or mud baths or any kind of bath in a particular liquid can cause weight loss. But then how can a spa aid weight loss.
Modern spa establishments can aid weight loss. It is not because of some special water treatment, but due to the support and attention provided to people who attend the spa. In a spa of today, there are many people working to help you lose weight and monitor it. These are the reasons why a spa can help to lose weight .
  • Spas are Stress Busters : The word spa immediately ushers a feeling of relaxation and joy in the mind. People associate it with relaxation and a soothing environment. Since spas are generally created in pristine and natural environments, they are great for lessening stress. And then almost every weight loss spa has the "spa"element. Nice warm water baths are great for the body. People also get to talk with others who are also trying to lose weight, hear success stories and get motivation.
  • Weight loss spas have physical trainers, dietitians and counselors to help people in their attemps to lose weight. In a typical spa, people eat a controlled diet and get tips on what to eat and what not to. Physical trainers take people for jogging, hiking, yoga and exercise routines. In some spas, there can be upto 4 hours of physical activity a day. This single factor outweighs all the other factors because we burn a lot of calories in 4 hours. However, this much of exercise does not seem tough as the environment is nice and there are many people along with you. 
Costs of a weight loss spa.
A weight loss spa can be quite costly, but the cost depends on the location and amenities provided at that facility. Many weight loss spas can have excellent facilities that mimic hotels. Some others can have "not so extravagant" facilities, so these weight loss spas can be affordable. There are a lot of options to choose from, which is a good thing. 

But then there are time and location constraints. A person living in California would obviously like to go to a weight loss spa nearby in California, until he or she is going on a weight loss vacation. There are weight loss spas in many countries, like U.S.A. and Mexico, Europe and Asia. There are even some Ayurvedic weight loss spas as well which have their unique way of improving health.
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BMI Weight Chart And Practical Applications

BMI Weight Chart And Practical Applications. BMI Weight for men and women is found by using the same chart. BMI is a pretty useful factor in assessment of weight. It is also used by doctors for diagnosis and helpful for knowing how much should you weigh . BMI weights are the weight ranges that are obtained from a BMI chart.

What is a BMI chart ?
It is a chart or a plot of Weight values against Height and then the weight ranges are plotted on it as Bands. A typical BMI chart contains the following regions - Seriously Underweight, Underweight, Normal Weight, Overweight, Obese. They are colored in different colors.

How to look up a BMI chart ?
For adults, there is only one BMI chart. It is the same for men and women. All you have to do is to locate your Height and your Weight on the chart. Then see in which colored band the point lies. This way, it is easy to find out if you are Overweight, Underweight or within the normal weight range. For teenagers and kids, there are separate BMI charts for girls and boys of different age groups.

Advanced BMI weight charts
The process for making a BMI chart had been laid out centuries earlier. There are some small variations in the formula for BMI. The BMI weight chart that is widely used and provided by WHO, is made using the simplest formula. However, if refinements are made, the BMI weight chart reflects much better ranges.
So, you can be overweight by a few pounds using the standard BMI weight chart but fall in the normal weight range using an Advanced BMI weight chart. Now, such charts can be searched for on search engines and you can check your BMI and weight status using these advanced BMI charts.

Some practical applications of a BMI weight chart.
A BMI weight chart is not only used for finding out in which weight range you lie, but it is also a criteria for many significant health related issues. Many people who are excessively obese may opt for weight loss surgery. But, from the doctor's point of view, a weight loss surgery is only carried out if certain conditions are fulfilled. The main conditions are - BMI greater than a fixed number, say 35 and having serious health problems because of that excess weight. On the other side, people who are seriously underweight are categorized using BMI. Being seriously underweight can be a hurdle in certain professions and jobs.  

BMI normalizes weight with the height of a person. Getting a healthy BMI within the range 18.5 to 25 should really be the goal. BMI weight chart can be different for people of different cultures or countries. That is because BMI charts are prepared by taking a representative sample of people. However, the changes can be minimal.

Myth about BMI
BMI does not indicate the body fat content. It just takes into account only the weight of the person and not the body fat percentage. Body becomes more prone to heart related diseases depending on the body fat percentage and it should also be measured. The point is that a person who does bodybuilding can have a BMI more than another person who does not do bodybuilding. But, it doesn't mean that the person who has more BMI has higher body fat percentage.
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Weight Loss Plan : Diet, Meal and Exercise

Weight Loss Plan : Diet, Meal and Exercise. Weight Loss Plan is a very important tool to loose weight. Without a plan or strategy, it can be difficult to lose weight effectively or monitor weight loss. A definite weight loss plan helps one to know how the body is responding to that plan and how fast the pounds are dropping. Secondly, a weight loss plan helps to stay focused. Planning for weight loss can be a tough task. Most people who want to lose weight have a number of options in front of them and they are not sure which one to choose.
Here are some tips that can help you pick one plan out of the myriad of weight loss plans that are available. Step by step instructions to formulate a working and effective weight loss plan that is suited a person's body type.
  • The Foundation of any Weight Loss Plan  : The first thing to do in formulating a weight loss plan is to find out how much weight is to be lost. This can be done by finding out how much you should weigh at a given age and for a given height and gender. Then find the difference between the uppermost level of ideal weight and your present weight. This gives the minimum number of pounds that need to be shed to get into the normal BMI range. 
  • First, lose Water Weight : Most of us have some amount of water stored in excess. This water weight can be flushed by drinking more water and sweating. Note down the weight after one or two days when the water weight has been lost. It is easy to lose 5 pounds with this step. So, you have already lost about 5 pounds which is a great start.
  • Preliminary Calculation : Do this before opting for a weight loss plan . The general rule is that a pound of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories. Now, you have the amount of pounds to lose in a given number of months, say losing 20 pounds in 4 months. Divide this by the number of days in 4 months and you get how many pounds you need to lose each day. Convert it into calories. For the sample case, it comes out to be around 580 calories per day. So, that is the basic thing to achieve. One should create a difference of 580 calories between calories consumed and calories burned during the whole 24 hours to lose 20 pounds in 4 months. 
  • Diet Plan and Exercise Plan : These are the two main components of a weight loss plan. There are a number of diet plans available on the internet and in books for different calorie levels, like 1200 calorie diet plan, 1500 calorie diet plan or the 1800 calorie diet plan. Use a calculator to calculate your basal metabolic rate. This is the amount of calories required to maintain weight. In general for women, it is around 2000 calories. So, if you choose a diet plan of 1800 calories a day, then you are already creating a deficit of 200 calories. The remaining part of the 580 calories must come from exercise. That means, your workout regime should burn about 380 calories a day. 
With this simplistic calculation in mind, one can plan a diet plan and an exercise plan. However, losing weight is never as easy as it seems in calculations and one needs to work harder to lose weight.
For the diet plan, it is better to keep changing diet at regular intervals. This prevents the body from making adjustments to a particular diet. So, you can try indian food for some time, chinese food for a week or so and then return back to your normal diet. In between, eat a fully began diet for some weeks.This keeps the body from reducing metabolism to very low levels. It is also important to break the diet plan into appropriate meals. Go for 3 to 4 meals a day with snacks in between. This helps to stay full most of the time and prevent food cravings.

For the exercise plan, try a combination of strength training and high intensity cardio. Cycling and running are excellent aerobic exercises. Combine them with strength training for building muscle. Add exercises like push ups and dumbbells. They provide the added benefit of toning the abdomen, waist and hips, thus leading to a healthier figure.

The main thing that affects the power of a weight loss plan is that how difficult it is for the body to get used to it. Our mind is clever and it makes adjustments according to our diet and exercise, which slows down the weight loss program. Keep changing it, particularly on a monthly basis.

An effective weight loss plan that is based on proper research and calculation should work for both men and women. It is only that you have to divide the calorie deficit into diet and exercise, as per choice.
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Herbs For Weight Loss : Best And Natural

Herbs for weight loss : Best And Natural. There are some herbs that can be used for losing weight and also reducing fat deposited in the skin. Herbs are natural healers. They have useful properties and some of these properties can contribute towards loosing weight and fat. The best and the established way to lose weight is to adopt a diet plan and do exercise each day. But, many times, there can be some bottle necks that stop the body in its tracks of losing weight.
These are the best herbs for weight loss.
  • Green Tea : It is undoubtedly one of the best herbal tea for weight loss. Green tea has been proven to assist in weight loss as well as in slimming the body. Green tea is prepared from the green leaves of the tea plant. It is a beverage that is immensely popular worldwide. Green tea has the potential to promote weight loss and really accelerate it. 
  • Sage : This is a herb that is widely used in cooking. Sage acts as a tonic for the body. Its general health giving properties can make one feel more energetic and be able to do more work. So, if you include sage in diet, you can probably exercise more and still stay active throughout the day. 
  • Aloe Vera : The juice of Aloe Vera plant can be consumed internally. When it is taken in small quantities, aloe Vera juice cleanses the colon and is a very gentle detox. Secondly, it is a source of almost all the amino acids that the body needs. Very few plant sources have such a rich composition of amino acids. Some amino acids have a greater say in how the body loses weight. 
  • Red and Green Pepper : We really need to drink water after eating pepper. Take some pepper with food and the body will want more water. Many times, we may develop a habit of drinking less water. This essentially hampers weight loss as the body stores water for use. This stored needs to be released. 
  • Basil : This is an Indian herb that is now used worldwide. It has been cultivated for thousands of years. Basil is really good at relieving stress. This way, it prevents weight gain that can be caused by stress and aids in weight loss. The best way to take basil is to make a herbal tea of dried leaves of basil plant. 
  • Milk Thistle : This herb is native to the Mediterranean region. It is well known for its protective and healing effects on the liver. If weight gain is because of a fatty liver condition, milk thistle may help with this situation. But, one must consult the doctor before taking milk thistle. 
  • Slippery Elm Tea : This is a tea prepared from the bark of the slippery elm tree. It is good for stomach and intestinal health. Many people feel heavier because of bloating and it can be a problem in doing exercise. Bloating can be treated naturally with a slippery elm tree. 
Besides these herbs, there are some culinary herbs that may be helpful in weight loss. Rosemary, thyme and parsley are all good for the health and add flavor to food. There are some exotic Indian and Chinese herbs which are claimed to be beneficial in weight loss. But, there are no concrete studies to prove that. One Chinese herbal remedy for weight loss is oolong tea, which is a variation of green tea.
You can include these herbs in diet and see if they help in losing weight and getting slim. Regarding milk thistle, you should consult the doctor as it is only useful in case of liver conditions.
Herbs have been used as healing medicine and support in almost all civilizations. Each culture has some home and herbal remedies based on herbs found in that region.
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Weight Loss Buddy : How To Look Online ?

Weight Loss Buddy : How To Look Online ? Weight Loss Buddy online for the social support you need to lose weight. The concept of a "weight loss buddy" or a "diet buddy" is simple, but the results it can produce are excellent. A weight loss buddy is a person who supports you during your weight loss effort. In most cases, weight loss buddies are almost the same age, the same weight and generally the same gender.

What is the need for a weight loss buddy ? 
It has been seen that even though people are motivated to lose weight and follow a diet plan , they are unable to lose weight. That is perhaps because of a lack of social support. Most of the time, people may end up working for their weight loss alone and not have any support from friends. That is where the need for a weight loss buddy comes in. He or she is someone who is about your age and weight and you have possibly met on a social networking site or on a weight loss buddy finding site. The relationship between two weight loss buddies is of respect, monitoring and support to one another in weight loss efforts. The relationship can build up automatically because both the people are trying to achieve the same thing and are peers. This is how the weight loss buddy system works.

I Need A Weight Loss Buddy , Where To Find ? 
Finding a suitable weight loss buddy is not an easy task. There is a difference between a weight loss buddy and "my" weight loss buddy. It is a sense of personal attachment to a person who is also trying to lose weight. It is better achieved online. The main hindrance is that people generally do not write their weight for public to see on social networking sites. So, to find a weight loss buddy, one needs to search online. You can either do a search on a search engine. They are very powerful and can return a lot of results. Then you can apply filter ( like your location ) to pick out only those results that match your query. Then you can browse through the results, look at those people's profiles and get an idea of who would be the suitable one.

There are a few websites dedicated to helping people find a weight loss buddy online. But, if you do not find a suitable weight loss buddy online, it is better to search in your region. In many cities, there are these weight loss groups, particularly of women and girls. You can search for it, join it and then find a suitable weight loss buddy from the people out there. 

Other Ways to find a Weight Loss Buddy .
  • If you go to school or college, there are probably a lot of people around you. If you see someone who can be a weight loss buddy for you, there is no harm in going and asking him or her straight away. Becoming weight loss buddies is a mutual relationship and it works both ways. Particularly in college, there are lot of people of the same age group. So, it can be easy to find someone who can assist in weight loss or at least share the experiences and keep you on track. 
  • Weight loss buddy at work. If you are working in a company or firm, it is feasible to find a weight loss buddy who works with you. It is much better if two people who are work buddies work at the same place and share a lot of time together.
When one is trying to lose weight, there is a lot of motivation initially. However, there are weight loss plateaus on the way and they can be quite demotivating. A weight loss buddy can keep you motivated to keep striving for that perfect weight you want to achieve. Talk with your weight loss buddy or diet buddy and really get on with losing weight.
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Unexplained Weight Gain Causes In Women And Men

Unexplained Weight Gain Causes In Women And Men .Unexplained weight gain is generally rapid weight gain without diet changes. For no apparent diet or lifestyle habits, the weight starts increasing. After some pounds, it may stop and stay there. Unexplained weight loss is unintentional weight loss. People think that they have not made any significant changes to their diet or their exercise routine, then why did the weight rise. Gaining weight without intention is not good for the body and is a sign of a problem within the body.
Although, unexplained weight gain is mainly caused by some disease, it can also be caused by some grass root level problems with the daily routine.
Lifestyle Issues that can cause unexplained weight gain.
  • Getting Less Sleep : Many of us have to sleep less. Some other cannot sleep more out of habit. It is better to sleep more than 7 hours a day. But, if you are sleeping less than 6 hours a day, it can lead to unexplained weight gain. Lack of sleep changes the body's natural rhythm and this disrupts the normal sensation of hunger and feeling full. One may eat at odd times and not feel hungry during the meals. If you sleep less during the night, try to get a power nap in the afternoon or evening. Also make sure that you are sleeping quite comfortably.
  •  Depression, Stress or Anxiety : It is quite possible that depression is causing weight gain. Depression for a long time triggers body's natural response to stress. It can also cause unexplained weight gain just like stress. People who tend to get anxious or nervous often are more prone to gaining weight. Depression or anxiety can be alleviated with treatment . 
Other than these common causes of unexplained weight gain, these diseases can also lead to weight gain.
  • Hypothyroidism : The thyroid gland secretes hormones that play a role in managing weight. In hypothyroidism, the thyroid gland becomes under active and secretes less of the hormones. This can easily cause weight gain. 
  • Fatty Liver Disease : This liver disease makes it very difficult for the liver to perform its operations. Fatty liver disease is a common disease in overweight people. It is a build up of lipids in the cells of the liver.
  • Cushing's Syndrome : If you have gained weight rapidly but the obesity has occurred only in the central region, that is fatter at the belly and neck and thin at arms and legs, then this problem can be caused by Cushing's syndrome. This is caused by some specific medicines. You can consult the doctor about this disease. 
  • Genetics : This does not play a major part, but it is possible that genetics is behind unexplained weight gain. Genetics affects everybody, but it affects more on some aspects of health and less on others. 
  • Diabetes is known to cause weight gain and the only option is to get it cured as quickly as possible.
Aging can be a cause of weight gain in women, but this generally happens around the age 40 to 45. Women should be extra cautious about weight gain, as it doesn't show up quickly on the body. In men, excess fat gets deposited on the belly, but in women, it is distributed all over. So, it is not detectable quickly. Look for other health signs to gauge if you are healthy. 
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